Finding our Tales


In this workshop, participants explore how new stories can be conceived and staged through the shared language of theater.  The workshop encapsulates the spectrum of a traditional theater process into two fun and meaningful days in which each participant conceives, creates, casts, and stages an original micro-play.

DAY ONE dives into sources of inspiration.  In light, collaborative, on-our-feet exercises “the company” breaks down the creative walls of I can’t and I’ve never before.  During day one, each participant conceives and crafts a first draft of an original work.   At home, participants craft their draft, arriving on day two with a loose and flexible second draft (blemishes and blunders highly encouraged).

DAY TWO.  Morning is devoted to table-working each micro-play.  In this collaborative process, participants mold their work under the guidance of the teacher.  Table work evolves to casting, casting evolves to rehearsals: a fast and fun afternoon in which each play is loosely staged with priority on process, not perfection.  The day culminates in a casual sharing for the company.



This is the Finding Our Tales workshop specifically tailored to kids ages 5-13.

In this workshop the company will discover how new stories can be discovered and shared through the physical language of theater.  Each class will begin with a fun warm up followed by games.  The company will then dive into theater exercises designed to open creative doors preciously locked shut by such ideas as “I can’t” and “It’s never been done before.”  At the end of each class the company will create short works of theater centered around company-chosen themes.  Past themes include ““The Courage to Ask for Help,” and “Love Conquers Hate.”  Each class ends in a reflection circle.

It is an ensemble class so students work on their feet, are respected as creators, and become part of a magic and meaning-filled experience.