obrien_briscoe_2018_055-e1575751565459.jpgBarret O’Brien lives on a small hill by a big library.  His writings been published by LA Miscellany, Jefferson Journal, American Dog, Calliope Magazine, Yale Palimpsest, and Smith & Kraus Books.  In January his novel stepped out of its cave and showed its claws; to learn more or to get a copy click HERE.

O’Brien is the founder of Finding our Tales, national education workshops that give people the tips and tools to transform their inner truths into dynamic pieces of theatre.  He’s taught at City University of New York, Yale University’s Dwight/Edgewood Project, Southern Repertory Theatre, New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, Camp Shakespeare, The Young Artists Institute, The University of Montana, Seasons Bereavement Program, The Siskiyou School, and, currently, at Southern Oregon University.  Upcoming Tales will be wagged at the Beargrass Writers’ Retreat in Greenough, Montana.

As an actor he has appeared on many stages and screens (a more meat-and-potatoes list can be read HERE ) and is committed to working in stories that paint the vision of our environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

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