obrien_briscoe_2018_055-e1575751565459.jpgBarret O’Brien is an actor from New Orleans.  He is the founder of Finding our Tales, national education workshops that embolden youth to share their stories through theatre.

Recently, he partnered with 15 Oregon environmental groups for the Global Climate Strike, a week of celebration to support our sustainable future.  Upcoming projects include Finding our Tales at the Montana Beargrass Writer’s Retreat and The Seagull under the open skies of Lake Leonard, California.

As an actor Barret has appeared on stages in Brooklyn and Budapest, Pennsylvania and Paris, Los Angeles and London, New Haven and New Orleans.  Some swept, many dusty. His writings have been published by LA Miscellany, Jefferson Journal, American Dog Books, Calliope Magazine, Yale Palimpsest, and Smith & Kraus Books. His newest work, Water Made to Rise, adds to the revolution to reverse climate change.  It opens in Ashland, Oregon, in February 2020.

As an educator he’s taught at the Dwight/Edgewood Project, Southern Rep’s Theater Apprentice Program, Camp Shakespeare, Young Artists Institute, The University of Montana, Seasons Bereavement Program, City University of New York,  and Southern Oregon University among others.

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